Mothers Day

I remember making a decision one day to make sure I didn’t hide from pictures with my babies. I honestly hate my picture taken..I’m not exactly the classic beauty. You know what I see when I look at them now? I see myself being bathed in love from my sweet girls. I see them happy to have me. I see a mom who loves those girls so fiercely. I see myself how they see me. I’m so grateful for them and for the love they have for me. Could not be more grateful to have so many pictures of myself with my girls… flaws and all.

For Mother’s Day I would love for each of you to take a picture with your kiddos. Take it yourself or have someone take it for you. Just take one and give yourself the chance see yourself surrounded by their love. You can share it here if you’d like. I promise you’ll love it 💗💙 #missingsophieandmadigan

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