Pumpkin Carriage

Peaceful Pumpkin Patch and Grand Opening information

We are so excited to share that our peaceful pumpkin carriage has landed right here in Frederick County! Our Equipment company, Playground Specialist, recently sent a message with the first few peeks of our custom peaceful pumpkin carriage being created and the final product delivered and ready to go! The one of a kind pumpkin …

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Fri-YAY Featured Inclusive Playground

OK, so it’s not a playground, but isn’t nature the world’s playground? When a friend asked if we wanted to go to a show at Wolf Trap I immediately jumped on the chance to see Saul Paul! Initially, I thought it was an adult show and afterward ended in a rap tutorial. I was super excited and was going to bring my kids anyway because I’m basically a full time mom with no camp option, so they go where I go! However, my friend crushed my rap dreams and told me it was a kid program at the Children’s Theater in the Woods.

Fri-YAY Featured Inclusive Playground

Westminister City Park and Fields We don’t mind driving to do fun things! We already live in the middle of nowhere, so what’s an extra 10-60+ minutes when it already takes us half an hour to get anywhere decent anyway? One playground we like to visit is Westminster City Park and Fields! There is easy …

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Fri-YAY Featured Inclusive Playground!

Sum Sum Summer Time! WE’RE BACK! Does anyone else get insanely busy in the summer and not know the day of the week? Today is Friday, right!? Can’t be just me!? I’m usually more organized (which is a joke in itself) and I have our schedule planned out to do “fun things” everyday! My kids …

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Ground Breaking!

Today we took a very big step in the building of Sophie and Madigan Lillard Memorial Playground! We were invited to help at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Butterfly Ln Realignment project, this road will serve all of West Side Regional Park which is home to the playground. We left today filled with gratitude that …

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Fri-YAY Featured Inclusive Playground!

There are five elements of inclusive play: Social/Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, Sensory, and Communication. Woodsboro Park does incorporate cognitive play features, like the alphabet board, drums at a lower level, and animal learning board. Kids love spinning! It is a great sensory relief! This park has a good mix of some vintage equipment and newer builds! One of the favorites is that dangerous old merry go round where some kid always gets thrown off! Spinning and hanging upside down are great for overstimulated kids (and grownups), and is a great calm down tool!

Fri-YAY Featured Inclusive Playground! Pinecliff Park

Pinecliff was one of our favorite parks when my kids were younger. The playground area is accessible covering, so my kids didn’t eat the mulch or rubber tire pieces like at most playgrounds…Is that just my kids? It was large for their ages, so there was a lot of freedom to run up the ramps and down the ramps and up the ramps…yeah, you get the picture.

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