Play Learn Create Programs

When Sophie and Madigan passed away the Lillard’s were left with no physical items to help them find comfort, none of the blankets, lovies, pictures, hand made presents, all of it was gone in the blink of an eye. They quickly realized the importance of the memories they created together as a family, and were inspired to make sure all families have that opportunity. Our Play Learn Create Programs were created with that in mind, and in reflection of the girls personalities.


The PLAY Programs give kids and their families the chance to step outside of their daily routine to purposefully play and make memories together. Examples of this program include Kidstock, Celebrate PLAY, and the Sophie and Madigan PLAY Trail.


The Learn Programs teach kids and their families the importance of giving back to their community in big and small ways! We encourage kids to figure out ways to help their community in a way that allows them to take personal responsibility at our weekly SaMP Kids Club.


The Create Programs are for families facing a loss or who are grieving a loss of a loved one.We strive to figure out how we can best support the family unit as they learn to live without their loved one here. Our focus is on unique opportunities, as well as educational and kid centered events.