Destination PLAY!

a whole new way to play is coming to Frederick MD

The whimsy of Sophie and Madigan Lillard Memorial Playground

It’s all about the details, from the creative castle of Fantasy Land, the magical tea party of Wonder Land, and the adventurous Lost Boys Tree House in Never Land. Each detail handpicked by the Lillard family, reminiscent of family memories with Sophie and Madigan, in order to maximize the wonder each child will feel when they come to the playground.

Kindness Matters!

The real “magic” of a Sophie & Madigan Lillard Memorial Playground is inspired by the incredible kindness that Sophie and Madigan shared with those they met in their short lives. The girls never left anyone out and always went our of their way to make sure everyone felt included, so we are focused on creating a fun and welcoming place for visitors of all ages, all sizes and all abilities.

We strive to meet the unique play needs of everyone in the community. While an estimated 20% of our nation’s individuals are living with a disability, only 10% of them use a mobility device. That means that the other 90% are living with autism, sensory challenges, cognitive and developmental issues, and complications that arise from aging. They play differently! We strive to have a safe place for everybody to play together!

Phase One Features