Happy 14th Sophie

Tomorrow she turns 14 – this is one of our last pictures of her – taken in the fall before she was stolen from our family in an unthinkable blink of an eye. Sophie was our soft place to land – she had the most amazing caring soul. She was always my helper, wanting to cook dinner and help take care of her little sisters. She was an artist. She loved arranging flowers, creating unique pieces from every day objects. She was a nurturer, singing songs to help Madigan take her nap, rubbing morgan’s back to help her fall asleep at night. She was our comic relief, she had the silliest laugh and thought everything was funny, her joy was contagious. She is missing from us. Her love, her gifts, her laughter all missing. We ache to have her here. We were so lucky to have her. So lucky. Love you my sweet princess to the moon. #missingsophieandmadigan #grief #childloss #missingtwomore #grievingmom #grievingsiblings #happybirthday

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