Art of PLAY - Painted Carousel Horses Call for artists

“...fostering a sense of Playfulness inclusion and wonder”

One of the Lillard's fondest memories is riding the carousel with the whole family, no matter your age or ability everyone could enjoy the colors, motion, and fun together. In light of those memories we are creating a one of a kind Carousel Themed area at the entry of Sophie and Madigan Lillard Memorial Playground. Our goal with this space is to foster a sense of playfulness, inclusion, and wonder as soon as you enter the playground. The space will be used to share information about Sophie and Madigan, information about the organization, and it's events, as well as strengthen our mission to help families play learn and create together in honor and in celebration of girls.

The Carousel

Our Partners in Play, Jeff Barber and his team at Playground Specialist Inc, have worked tirelessly with us to invent a unique piece of equipment that will allow all kids and families the sense of wonder that comes from a carousel with the bonus of it being completely kid powered! This unique feature won’t be found in any other playground in the world. Stay tuned to this space to see concepts, prototypes, and the final product as we move through this process.

Art of Play - Painted Carousel Horses

The Carousel and surrounding areas will feature several horses that were once a part of the Macy’s Time Square Christmas carousel display. These special ponies will be adorned by local artists and will showcase a variety of themes to invoke a sense of playfulness, inclusion and wonder.

Sponsorships for the horses are $5,000. Sponsors may commission their own artist to individualize a horse or may choose from one of the many artists expected to submit proposals. Contact Chrissi if you’d like more information about sponsorship opportunities of these special pieces.

Call for Artists

Sophie and Madigan’s Playground is looking for individuals to help us transform these horses into unique pieces of art! The horses may be painted, sculpted and transformed anyway the sponsor and artist see fit, however Sophie and Madigan’s Playground Board of Directors has final say on what will be accepted, the theming on your designs should add to the sense of playfulness, inclusion and wonder that can be seen throughout the playground.

Participation in this public art project can be a great way to gain public recognition. All accepted artists will be promoted in digital, print, and social media.

Individuals who wish to participate must create detailed,  colored sketches of their designs for a three-dimensional horse

Click here for an outline of the horse to use as a design template. 

We ask that you submit your designs along with your application here on or before June 3, 2021

We are relying on the creative minds that we know exist right here in our own community and we can hardly wait to see the incredible artwork that will be created. We encourage individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and experience levels to submit their ideas.

For more information regarding this project please contact Chrissi with the subject Art of PLAY via text at 301.325.8290, Facebook Messenger, or by email

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