Ground Breaking!

Today we took a very big step in the building of Sophie and Madigan Lillard Memorial Playground! We were invited to help at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Butterfly Ln Realignment project, this road will serve all of West Side Regional Park which is home to the playground.

We left today filled with gratitude that The City of Frederick choose to include our organization in this amazing milestone it meant a lot of our family, and I’m sure it means a lot to all of our followers.

We are so CLOSE! It may be the first time that this crazy idea Jack and I had is starting to feel like reality. Thank you all for your continued support, our sponsors, donors, partners and volunteers are a group like no other and we could not be more proud of everything that has been accomplished in honor of the girls so far. #doyouwannabuildaplayground #playmatters #inclusionmatters #fredericksfirstinclusiveplayground #kindnessmatters #destinationplay

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