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East End Park

It was cold. There was still snow on the ground. Yes my kids own coats! It’s the middle of March, but we had just left a fun movie theater birthday party all sugared up, so we called friends who had been telling us about a new playground! 

East End Park is located right behind the Thurmont police station. The park has many softball/baseball fields, a first come first serve pavilion, dog exercise area, a massive pile of plowed snow (currently), and AN ALL INCLUSIVE PLAYGROUND!!! Of course we love it because Playground Specialists is involved! Sophie and Madigan’s Playground has been working with the local Thurmont group to bring their ideas and imaginations to real life! November 2018, this local Thurmont playground got a huge revamping through grants from Program Open Space, Catoctin Area Civitan Club, and The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and they did NOT disappoint!

The kids jumped from one piece of equipment to another! Right away their favorite was the accessible zip line! This was different than a typical zip line you would find! Instead of a small disc to sit on, there is a large panel where someone could lay down and still get the fun flying experience! The Aeroglide was also awesome! It looks like a giant boat with a ramp to the entrance and seats on each end with handlebars and room for wheelchairs! It goes up and down a little like one of those boat rides at the fair! I have to admit that I was wondering about the climbing dome, which was my favorite when I was young, until I read that there are openings in the bottom that allows access to those using walkers or wheelchairs! I could go on and on about the extensive maze of ramps, the lowered activities, accessible ground cover, the high back swings, and the music corner, but you should really check this one out yourself! Linda Hadley said it best, “They do not have to think about the fact that they might have differences from other children. They can just come and have fun and be kids.” Hadley is from the Foundation for Children with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities. We loved it so much we already have plans to go back!

If you have never been to Thurmont, it is located in northern Frederick County, Maryland right at the base of the Catoctin Mountains part of the Appalachian chain. In the summer, my kids love to play in the creeks at Cunningham Park Manor Area, hike the miles of trails, visit the many playgrounds, and the library is amazing for hot or rainy days. You know what else is in Thurmont? Springfield Manor Winery Distillery Brewery…a kid friendly venue for after all of the kid activities! 

East End Park 804 East Main Street Thurmont, MD 21788

3 thoughts on “Fri-YAY Featured Inclusive Playground!”

  1. Firstly I would like to congratulate you on this fantastic blog that you have created in the memory of your kids. Children are our future, and their education begins in playgrounds; it is important now, more than ever, to teach and inculcate values of friendship, kindness and tolerance in young kids. Inclusive playgrounds like these will go a long way in doing that.

    1. Mathew, Thank you for your kind comment! We agree! Learning through play is so important and it is an amazing experience to be building a place where kids can learn kindness and inclusiveness while simply playing!

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