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Sum Sum Summer Time!

WE’RE BACK! Does anyone else get insanely busy in the summer and not know the day of the week? Today is Friday, right!? Can’t be just me!? I’m usually more organized (which is a joke in itself) and I have our schedule planned out to do “fun things” everyday! My kids love being on the go! School got out on June 19th for us, and this summer has been super busy! We’ve done a lot of cool things (I swear! I have pictures!), but it feels like we have done absolutely nothing! We have been to many fun playgrounds, traveled a tiny bit, and volunteered with Sophie and Madigan’s Playground! Here’s a peek of the awesome accessible places we have discovered this summer (with many more to come in future posts)!

My son’s “fall sport” started the first week of July with football camp at our local high school, which is right next to the elementary school. I spent quite a few hours here with my daughter while the other kid was at camp! School playgrounds are the most underrated playground resource! Your tax dollars pay for these playgrounds and most (at least ours) schools welcome you to come play in the summer or at times when school is not in session! If you have littles, it’s also a great way to get them used to the new school playground, so they feel more at home for when school starts! One of our county elementary schools in Maryland, did a pretty good job making their playground accessible for all students, or friends who wish to frequent their playground! They have a paved ramp from the parking lot up to the playground area! That’s a great start right there! This school has two separate playgrounds with a blacktop in between. Each playground has various accessible features including ramps to various levels, creative play leads like driving, flying, and tic tac toe, a lowered rock climbing wall for different levels, and some lowered motor skill activity! The biggest drawback for using some of the playground is the lack of accessible ground cover. Mulch sometimes makes play difficult. Two of my favorite features are the ASL alphabet wall (because I need all the practice I can get), and the blacktop that was painted with a circle track and various games that is more easily navigated for some and all kids can play together!

We’re going to Disney World!!!… Not until after school starts though, so our summer vacation was to Columbus, Ohio when we tagged along for my husbands’s work training. So if you’ve never been, Ohio does not sound that exciting, but I found so many great things to do that my son wants to move there, and my daughter now likes hiking…sometimes… The city of Columbus has tons to do (and great food and breweries), we met new friends, attended a children’s festival, played in a giant splash pad and had fun at the science center! However, the best thing by FAR that we did was drive an hour to Hocking Hills State Park and hike the many caves in the area! Of course, many trails were definitely not accessible, but we went to Ash Cave and hiked the accessible trail! It’s so great that they thought to make this trail accessible because it’s AMAZING and should be able to be enjoyed by all! The accessible trail features and paved path all the way to the giant waterfall at the end, many benches for people to stop and rest or just enjoy the scenery, and tons of beautiful rock formations and trees! Another great thing about this trail is that there is a creek along the path of the accessible trail, so some people, like Camden, can walk most of the way through the creek and climb on rocks along the way! The kid’s favorite part was playing under the waterfall at the end!

We have a few more summer adventures planned. so check back soon! Luckily, school doesn’t start until after Labor Day in most of Maryland!

Do you want to learn more about Sophie and Madigan’s Playground, and various ways to help? Do you have a suggestion for an inclusive playground for us to check out? Let us know!

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  1. Awesome article and fun pictures! Play time is essential for every child and schools are paying less attention to that aspect nowadays. Rubber mulch was indeed once a popular material; soft and durable and providing a good weed barrier in the playground, helping it to remain neat and usable. But, it is indeed difficult to maintain, which is why rubber tiles are better options nowadays.

  2. Thanks for your comment! We agree! Accessible ground covering is VERY expensive, but definitely worth it! Thanks for your comment!

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