SaMP Kids Talent Show for SHIP

In case you haven’t heard of us we are SaMP Kids ~ Compassionate Kids Club. We are focused on compassion and community service. Each month we come together to choose a new service project. We’ve done it all from sunshine bags, to baking cookies we work together to show compassion for others and learn how our service has an impact on the community. We have helped over 10 local organizations and put in over 800 hours of community service since we began in November of 2016. We welcome kids of all ages, and abilities to join us at our weekly meetings at Common Market.

SaMP Kids is one of many free PLAY LEARN CREATE programs thanks to the sponsors and donors of Sophie and Madigan’s Playground in honor of Sophie and Madigan Lillard who passed away in 2013.

In November the Kids decided to help SHIP ~ SHIP stands for Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership. The Kids decided to work with SHIP after we had co founder Ed Hinde out for a presentation at the beginning of the November. The kids learned that almost every single school in Frederick County has a student(s) facing homelessness, over 600 students in all. SHIP helps by filling vital needs for homeless students directly through the school system. Today December 1st SHIP is kicking off their Homeless for the Holidays Hygiene drive in Frederick, you will see branded boxes throughout Frederick County, the items collected will then be distributed to students as the need arises through out the year. SHIP has a very active Facebook group where they post needs on a regular basis. We encourage you to check it out.

If you want to join us in December the first Monday we are creating cards at common market, and then the second week we will delivering the cards and caroling at Homewood.

Huge thanks to our Friends at Dublin Roasters for hosting this and many other community events!

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