Phase 1 milestone, and grand opening information

You guys! It’s so close I can almost hear the children laughing and playing!

This morning a few members of our Board, Playground Specialist, City of Frederick Parks and Rec, the City Engineer, and Department of Public Works officially met for our pre construction meeting!! Yep you read that right! Pre construction meeting! I’m so excited! In the next 8 weeks you will see all of our equipment installed for phase 1! I can not express how happy I am to FINALLY be at this step. I’m actually having a pretty hard time believing it. Reality has definitely not set in yet.

They tell me this is it! In the next few weeks you’re going to see a flurry of activity from us. Equipment unboxing, maybe!? Daily site updates, once they get started you better bet yesssss! Some fun fundraising challenges, probably! Calls for volunteers, definitely! Things are weird because of the pandemic, but this is it, this is the point at which we’re supposed to be getting super excited! It’s happening and so sooooooooon!

All that being said, the idea for a large scale community build has been put to rest by covid. We will have some upcoming volunteer opportunities and as I work to wrap my head around what’s to come I’ll be updating the website, and sharing through various emails, and social media outlets. If you’ve ever gotten an email from me… you should expect to see many more in the coming weeks!

Now for the not so great news. Our community, and communities all across the nation are facing an unprecedented moment in time. Covid-19 has changed every aspect of how we live. That being said we recognize the need to postpone our big celebration. We had hoped when the playground opened we would have our friends, Mr Jon, the Imagination Movers, Frederick Rock School and many of our sponsors and donors out for a celebration like no other. For now that celebration will have to wait. That celebration will happen as each individual family gets to see phase 1 open. We will not be holding our planned 10/10/2020 grand opening event. To say I’m a little heartbroken may be an understatement, it’s not how I’ve envisioned things unfolding but if this process has taught me anything it’s to expect the unexpected to happen and be ready to roll with the punches. So we may not be able to celebrate in a way I had hoped but we will be celebrating, and I’m going to figure out a way to make it amazing 🥰

As always thank you all so much for your continued support. We know we couldn’t be where we are without the love and support we have received from our community! This has been one crazy journey, and the hard work the delays and frustrations will all be a distant memory when the playground is complete and the City of Frederick has it’s very first accessible playground all because of two the most amazing little girls.

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