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Peaceful Pumpkin Patch and Grand Opening information

We are so excited to share that our peaceful pumpkin carriage has landed right here in Frederick County! Our Equipment company, Playground Specialist, recently sent a message with the first few peeks of our custom peaceful pumpkin carriage being created and the final product delivered and ready to go! The one of a kind pumpkin carriage was designed to carry playground guests deep into their imaginations as they ride off to the enchanted castle! Pretend play allows children to experience the full range of their senses and feelings. The carriage will also serve as a gathering space, and gives guests a calm quiet place to hide away from the excitement around them so they can recenter.

The Carriage will be the centerpiece of the Peaceful Pumpkin Patch which will also feature the cozy pumpkin pods, and majestic steeds. The steeds will be custom painted to reflect things that the girls loved and encourage creative play, the gentle rocking motion can help improve mobility and balance by toning leg and core muscles while they are making that backwards and forwards movement, the rocking motion can also calm and relax overstimulated children. The Pumpkin Pods allow for gentle spin play which stimulates the vestibular system which can help with self regulation, the textures and molded features on the interior allow for textile exploration, and provide additional retreat space for children who become overstimulated and may need a quiet space to rest.

We are closer than ever to installing the first phase of Sophie and Madigan Lillard Memorial Playground! The City of Frederick has been busy building our road, and getting the parking lots in. The next step will be for Playground Specialist to get the grading and infrastructure done in the early spring, and we should be moving full speed by Summer, early Fall, for our equipment to be installed! We will keep everyone informed every step of the way and ask that everyone send good thoughts that we are long past any more delays!

We currently have a projected grand opening date of October 10 2020! This kick off event will be a scaled down Kidstock, filled with music from national and local artists, kids activities, food trucks and of course the long awaited rope drop for Fantasy Land. The grand opening event will be free and open to the public but tickets are required so we can accommodate all guests.

Visit our Event page to grab your tickets today!

As we move forward and complete Phase 1 “Fantasy Land” we will be releasing information about, the playground build days, volunteer needs, Phase 2 theming and equipment, and phase 2 exclusive sponsor opportunities! Keep following us on social media and here on the blog for all the latest information!

We are so excited to be this close to our build date and want to thank you all for your continued well wishes and support as we work to bring Frederick City’s most inclusive playground to honor our girls generous and loving spirits.


Jack Chrissi and the rest of the Sophie and Madigan’s Playground Family

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  1. Such cool construction and innovative design! This is a testament to the fact the playground equipment can be given so many delightful forms, with sheer creativity and genius. They can be moulded according to the physical and mental requirements of every child.

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