That’s what friends are for

That time my amazing friends dragged me across the finish line of my first Princess Half Marathon – I was a mess of panic attacks over every flashing light, not in great shape after just having mason a few months before, tears about being in Disney without my girls. It was freaking hard. I wanted to quit a lot. I wanted to just curl up and quietly go away. Running was a gift that first year after we lost the girls. It gave me purpose, it served as therapy away from therapy, it gave me a group of people who consistently showed up that reminded me to keep going, people who pointed out every little sign and hello from my precious babies when I was just to tired to even look for them. The race was a super condensed version of that first year… I had a lot of people cheering for me, a lot of people just show up to hold my hand… I would never have made it through it without each person. I finished dead last with two friends who wouldn’t let me give up. At the time I was completely numb and shut down but looking back I’m amazed and so grateful for every person who helped me get through that time… the race and that first year.

We still have a handful of sold out half marathon spots on our charity team. If you’re interested in joining us you can visit…/

3 Sophie and Madigan Team Runners crossing the finish line arm and arm with Mickey Minnie and Goofy at the Princess Half Marathon

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