Disney Princess Half Marathon

Our family is on the way to the 4th Disney’s Princess Half Marathon we have run in honor of Sophie and Madigan. Disney World was our vacation spot, the place we spent countless nights and celebrated many birthdays. As hard as it is for us to return each time without our girls, we know that we were given the greatest opportunity when Disney allowed us to become an official Run Disney team. The opportunity to share the girls and our story with people all over the country. To meet countless amazing new friends, to be able to share our mission to keep their memory alive by helping kids and families PLAY LEARN & CREATE together. That opportunity has been amazing and we don’t take it for granted. We also know that the countless runners, and ChEar squad members have helped shape us, their dedication to sharing our mission with their friends and family helps us keep moving forward. We’re so grateful for every hour you spent training, the hard runs and the amazing ones, the time you spent setting up a fundraiser, or asking a friend for just $5, all the times you took time away from your family to help ours. Thank you! We can’t wait to see you in Disney!! 💗💙

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