SaMP Kids – Compassionate Kids Club

SaMP Kids is a weekly service based group with the goal of teaching kids that their acts of compassion both big and small can make a big difference in their community. The kids pick the project each month and work together on each step to figure out how to make the project successful. 

At our first meeting we had over 30 kids in attendance, which was a wonderful surprise, but it also was a little hectic! The kids learned the definition of compassion, gave some examples of every day things that show compassion, like helping a friend tie their shoe, and then they came up with a big list of ways they would like to show compassion to community members.  We then narrowed the big ideas down again and they voted on different the projects to show the community compassion and kindness. Their final vote was to make up bags for those less fortunate. They also choose items to be put in the bags and we came up with this general list – 

“Sunshine” Bags will contain 
Comfort item(socks, gloves scarf etc)

Comb or brush

Handmade Card

Toothbrush & toothpaste

Food item

Hand sanitizer


Water bottle 

All of the above items can be purchased in packs and individually at the dollar store. 

At our next meeting on November 21st we will take time to talk about examples of kindness and compassion that they noticed during their week. We will work on creating the handmade cards for our sunshine bags, and we will make our plan for obtaining the items listed above. 
We are in need of a few older teens or parents to help us keep kids organized. We were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming number of kids who came out to help this week. 
For more information on the group or how to help please visit the SaMP Kids group or contact one of the event hosts.

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