SaMP Kids – Bird House Project

Today, we completed our birdhouse project for the month of June by visiting the Catoctin Creek Nature Center in Middletown. We delivered our birdhouses made from recyclable materials that the kids painted last week! They will display our bird houses as well as a note on why our kids chose the project and how they completed it and how other kids can get involved! 

We took a walk on the trails to look at all of the various bird houses that the nature center has and what kinds of birds inhabit them! We also walked the sensory trail and tried to guess what birds use the biggest box and what birds use the smaller boxes! Then we saw two turtles and the kids were enthralled! 

If you haven’t been there, come check out our birdhouses Catoctin Creek Nature center, walk the trails, play the instruments in the music garden, play on the playground, or play in the creek down the hill and through the trees! There’s really so much to do for all ages! SaMP Kids Club appreciates them teaming up with us for this months project. I can’t wait to see what the kids come up with in July.

Our next meeting is July 3rd 4:30pm at Common Market. SaMP Kids is a weekly service based group with the goal of teaching kids that their acts of compassion both big and small can make a big difference in their community. The kids work together to choose the project for the month and work on each step over 3-4 weeks to figure out how to make the project successful. All are welcome to come for some or all of the project. For more information you can check in on our Facebook group page

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