One step closer!

Tonight the City of Frederick Mayor and Board of Alderman unanimously approved the legal document that will take our vision for Sophie & Madigan Lillard Memorial Playground into reality. We officially are moving forward! We have a home! So many people to be thankful for including all of you who have followed us this far! The big fun is finally here!

This means is that over the next few months (think fall) you will be seeing our park access road, parking lots and some signage going it for the future home of Sophie and Madigan Lillard Memorial Playground! There will be a ramp up in our request for volunteers of every ability. Now that we have a location budget and time line we can work on grants in kind and corporate donation requests and of course the fun of a community build! If you’ve been wondering how to get involved we will put your skills to work! We will have a “Ground Breaking” and “Ribbon Cutting” on Phase all coming very soon!

We thought all along it would fall on a date that was special for us. The girls were 3 and 6… it’s been such a long time and it’s not always been fun or easy trying to “stay the course” the girls just wanted us to wait for this amazing location opportunity in the West Side Regional Park system! So year 6 it is. We love you sweet girls and miss you to the moon! Thanks for keeping our hearts moving in the right direction!

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