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Angel Park

This week was a mess in central Maryland! We had two snow days, a lot of ice, a two hour delay, and most of our weekly activities were cancelled. Also included in this messy week was Valentine’s Day and school parties and sugared up kids! Needless to say, we did not make it to any playground except our school playground this week. Although my son built an igloo, which was the last of the snow still standing in my yard until it all finally melted today! Now onto rain and more mud! We are thinking to Spring and remembering a fun day at Angel Park in Perry Hall, Maryland!

Angel Park is a memorial playground built to honor the life of Ryan Szczybor, who passed away from Leukemia at 15 months. They wanted to turn a sad event into a positive and peaceful area that every child and family could play, laugh and have fun together!

Angel Park is an all inclusive and themed playground that is definitely worth the drive! They have so many fun and different things for the kids to do! We have friends and family near Perry Hall, so we had a huge play date and everyone loved it! One benefit for parents of runners or multiples is that the park is gated! You can still lose sight of your kids, but it’s less likely they’ll be in the parking lot! There is also a separate area for “Little Angels” for younger kids to play right next to the regular section! Other features include a calming memorial area, bathrooms (important!), a picnic pavilion, and a grassy amphitheater. No detail was overlooked! Even the ceiling inside the picnic pavilion is decorated with stars! The tiles of the butterflies painted by local children are adorable and special!

The various inclusive features for Angel Park include the accessible ground cover, ramps to the equipment, monkey bars being lowered, music stations being accessible, and a lot of imaginative play painted on the walls everywhere you look! There were the high back swings, a disc to swing on, a chair where one can lay down and be secured to swing, and the best part are the zip lines! They have two lanes for the zip lines. One lane has a typical disc you sit on and the other lane is a chair where a person can be strapped in to ride! The zip lines were the biggest hit with my kids, but a close second was this super fun green disc (pictured below). The spinning disc had space for many children and they didn’t hesitate to see how many kids could be piled on, just like the see-saw!

The thought and passion that went into designing this playground is so amazing! Please check out their Facebook page and look into how their community really came together to make this wonderful park happen! You can learn more about Angel Park on their website! If you are inspired to volunteer to help make a difference locally with Sophie and Madigan’s Playground, then click here to find out ways you can help!

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