Five years ago

Five years ago two of our beautiful girls we taken from us. Half our family gone in the blink of an eye. Our sweet and giving Sophie. Our precious spunky Madigan.

Five years ago we lost our pets. Our Kenny and Creedance the cats Jack and I got when we first moved in together. Our Raff the kitten we raised from the time he was born. Our puppy J.Humphrey who we got to help sooth the broken hearts of 3 little girls who lost their big buddy Baxter, our mastiff, just months before.

Five years ago we lost our home and every possession. No more coming home to the house where all of our babies were born.

Five years ago we lost our identity.

Five years ago at this very moment I sat in shock and confusion still covered in soot and ash my hair crisp and tangled struggling to take deep full breaths of air.

Five years ago at this very moment my oldest daughter was in a medically induced coma. The drone of the machines in the PICU helping my tiny girl breath ringing in my ears as I sat terrified we would lose her too.

Five years ago at this very moment I sat desperate to be comforted by Jack but he was all alone in another icu for the burns and inhalation from trying to save our babies.

Five years ago I thought I could never make it through one more moment.

Five years ago I couldn’t feed my baby.

Five years ago our family was shattered, nothing could ever be the same.

Today we are overwhelmed by the continued support of our friends, families, and strangers who have one family along the way. We know despite our devastation the girls are not forgotten. We know that our mission to honor them by helping to build an amazing park, and stronger family bonds through our programs is making a difference in our community and that means more than we can express. This journey has not been easy, there are days when taking one more step feels impossible but we are stronger because of your support. 💙💗

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