Eclipse Viewing Party – PLAY Trail end of year party!

Yesterday we hosted our second PLAY Trail End of Year Party with the excitement of the eclipse! We built pinhole viewers, shared some certified eclipse glasses, painted some rocks and just enjoyed each other’s company for this special day. It was so much fun listening to the kids gasps of excitement the first time they glanced at the disappearing sun. The kids and parents had a great time making new connections having some free play time while enjoying some special out of this world treats. 

This year our PLAY Trail served 45 registered families, and countless others who showed up without officially registering. That means we helped at least 45 families PLAY LEARN and CREATE memories together which is up 10-15 families from last year! There’s still pleanty of time for your family to hop on the PLAY Trail before school starts so be sure to check out the map and get some ideas for fun. 

We can’t wait to see everyone next year! 

PLAY Trail is a free PLAY program presented by Sophie & Madigan’s Playground thanks to the generosity and support of our sponsors and donors! 

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