Dude Runs Like a Princess 4.0

DUDES! Sign up here! http://www.sophieandmadigansplaygroun…

It’s time, again,… time to laugh LOUDLY!

This January, a group of runners are participating in the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend. To help raise funds for a charity very close to our hearts, Sophie and Madigan’s Playground, we are holding an event like none other – Dude runs like a Princess!

What we ask is this – have your man, your son, your uncle, your brother, your father, ANY man (or woman who wants to dress up!!!)in your life run for this cause! We will have a list of items for them to wear. They will be dressed to the nines like a beautiful princess!

Every item will have a donation amount attached to it. People will sponsor their items of clothing… go wild with this! Get their buddies/co-workers/friends/family to sponsor them and lets make this fun! +++++Change from the first year — all dude runners must provide their own items! No items will be provided by the organizers!++++++

This year, all our dude runners will have their own running page to solicit donations! You can click http://www.sophieandmadigansplaygroun… to sign up! This is the page used to solicit donations for the various items! Make sure to post your sponsorship page often! Think of all the people who would love to see you dressed up like a pretty princess! Make sure you choose which princess you will be running for!

The Princesses will do one lap around the bell tower in Baker Park, and there will be prizes awarded for First, Second and Third place, plus best dressed!

Please share this event and come out and support – it’s going to be EPIC! Don’t forget to sign up! http://www.sophieandmadigansplaygroun…


Tutu – $30
Tiara – $20
Gloves – $20
Lipstick – $10
Eyeshadow – $10
Blush – $10
Necklace – $15
Bracelet – $15
Earrings – $15
Wig – $50
Feather Boa – $25
Pantyhose – $50
High Heels – $100
Coat – $300

All participants – please wear a pink t-shirt and appropriate running pants and shoes (unless you’re in heels, baby!).

For more info, and a recap of last year click here: http://www.sophieandmadigansplaygroun…

This fundraiser is being hosted by the Princess Runners towards the fundraising efforts of the Disney Princess runners for Sophie and Madigan’s Playground


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