Amazon Smile really does give back!

Have you guys heard of this? Amazon has a way for you to give back to SaMP in one of the easiest ways possible. If you remember to shop you can choose a charity that you love, to receive a portion of every order. All you have to do is choose Sophie & Madigan’s Playground one time then remember to Smile everytime you shop. 

We’ve been set up on Smile for 2 yeats now and to date we have raised $1969.96. Which is kind of impressive if you think about it – click one button and shop like normal and we get a percentage -that’s it. 

So I actually came back to share just the numbers, since I got an email this morning. Then I remembered For those of you who are online grocery shoppers this is really great – they’ve got organics and a nice solid selection of fresh grocery items. So if you get your weekly food delivery from Smile Fresh guess what? Yep – we get a percentage! This is super exciting for me because we all shop Amazon occasionally but if you’re getting groceries delivered that’s happening on a regular basis! If I could get a few people with a weekly grocery order from Smile Fresh I bet we could go from about $1000 a year to maybe $1500? That would be awesome. 

Anyway please excuse my geeky excitement as we look for more simple ways to raise money so that we can create opportunities for kids and their families to PLAY LEARN CREATE. When you get a minute check out Smile, and Fresh and tell me what you think. From an organization stand point it really does pay to we Smile! If you’re looking for other ways to support us up can check out our Facebook album or go to our ways to give back page on the website

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