Sophie & Madigan Lillard Memorial Park

We are closer than ever to starting to build the park. As a part of the Frederick City Park system, we will work closely with the city on the planning and the development of the land they have generously approved for this use. The park is located on approximately 10 acres of land at the west end of Frederick City, where the VFW gold course currently stands. It’s location is ideal to serve a currently under served section of our community, as well as being easily accessed from major highways. This makes the park highly accessible to visitors from the city, all over our county, and states of Maryland, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The current plans for the park include fully accessible whimsically themed play areas, walking trails, shared use paths, pavilions, memorial gardens, and an outdoor amphitheater. In November our board will be presented with three preliminary designs, and budgets from three park developers. From there the board members will be asked to  narrow down to one! This is such a big exciting step. We can’t wait get past this step and on to the hard work of making this dream a reality.

blog.jpgPark Rough Draft by ~ Chrissi Lillard

Park Draft Details

Entrance Pavilion

* carousel themed * memorial pavers * seating/picnic area * “stained glass” sections for roof * surrounded by butterfly “garden” * carousel horses in gardens

Wonderland Garden
* fully accessible * sensory tunnel * flower and butterfly shades * mushroom play structure * climbing web * nest swing * “tea party” sound garden * queen of hearts “croquet” course * flower stalk swing set *bright memorial bench seating

* castle/tower play structure * jousting horse ride-ons * dragon slide * floating lantern shades * drawbridge course * “princess cottage” playhouse * pumpkin carriage * diamond “mine” mining train * carousel spin ride

*skull rock climbing/play structure *tic toc croc climbing sculpture * pirate ship play structure * ship sail shades *Mr Smee row boat * teepee “playhouse” * pirate “zip line” *mermaid lagoon tot spot

* tiered seating for 300 * rental opportunity * community gathering * memorial pavers/tile

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