The SaMP Kids help pets in need!

Today, the SaMP Kids finished their THIRD Compassion Project!!! The kids chose to collect donations and donate to the animal shelter in Frederick County! They raised money to buy supplies and placed boxes around town to collect donations for the shelter!

Today, they brought their donations to the Frederick County Animal Control, Maryland and Ms. Bethany spoke with the kids and gave them a tour of the shelter and we got to meet two dogs and a cat!

If you are interested in adopting cats, dogs, bunnies, birds or a guinea pig, then go see the Frederick County Animal Shelter on Rosemont Avenue! Thanks to our kids and many in the community, they have many great items to help all of the animals! We are so proud of all that SaMP Kids – Compassionate Kids Club has accomplished! Keep an eye on the group page for details to our next meeting!

SaMP Kids – Compassionate Kids Club is a weekly group focused on compassion and community service. Kids of all ages will come together to choose a service based project that will help teach them the importance of compassion for others and how their service big and small can make a difference in our community

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