SaMP Kids

SaMP Kids – Compassionate Kids Club was very busy this weekend. They completed completed their project this past month by helping to mulch, pick up litter and weed as a part of Bring a Broom Saturday 2017 in Downtown Frederick! Everyone did an amazing job helping for three hours and E 2nd Street looks beautiful thanks to all their hard work! 

Monday, we met and held our weekly meeting at The Common Market Co-op at 4:30 (this is a recurring event location and time unless otherwise noted) We wrapped up our gratitude and spring cleaning session with an activity to have the kids share what they are grateful for and filling a jar with their works. The kids also picked chose their project for the new month. They had a ton of great ideas from building homes for the homeless and sending letter to soldiers. The finally voted to spread random acts of kindness this month. When we meet next week we can finalize what we can do as a group to spread acts of kindness and the kids will work on a group poster so we can create a shareable printout for those who want to join us. 

SaMP Kids is a weekly service based group with the goal of teaching kids that their acts of compassion both big and small can make a big difference in their community. The kids choose the project for the month and work together on each step to figure out how to make the project a success! 

SaMP Kids group is open to everyone, even if you didn’t start this months project we have a place for you! We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming number of kids who come out to help and look forward to our group continuing to grow. 


For more information on the group or how to help please join our Facebook group

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